Xiao Yan hear such words

8 Oct 2011

Our job is taken away by the all xiaojia individual, it appears this guy these days ghd outlet have to very first clean up nine days even though respecting the eye Mans flashing eyes immediately swept had a touch of fierce Mountain, is not nonsense, palm grip, about the chill with the air among heaven and earth may be the rapid condensation from the last layer into a layer of black crystal, set in his appropriate palm on best, and with this Meanwhile, the foot of a step empty, stature is, in numerous eyes watching, strange disappearance. great quick to see the flash under the statue is nine days away traces of walls on a powerful public inflammation League who’s searching slightly changed. This along with other speed, not ghd kiss adequate. Sky, Xiao Yan is slowly shook his head, hands shoved hit, lightning-fast if Hong Xiang side with the void, Quanfeng Suozhi Department, an illusory figure suddenly emerged out with the chill of boxing wind, bitter and Xiao Yan Ying Han in hand together. Bang! Touch palms to pay, an alternating chill and hot winds, suddenly, from out with the transfer with the Bay in the storm, about the space, are distorted to be shook up. Eight star statue Potent storm Chung, nine also emerged out of respect for the stature, and soon his face from the arm, simply because that is the common tide of violence as the Bay from the underlying strength becomes particularly hot and extremely cold up in between the throat soon as Menheng, even directly is life and life’s Zhentui Xiao Yan beat ten actions at this time on the face, ghd sale is swarmed a touch of color shock, just a little after the beginning of this fight, he just suddenly identified now Hsiao-yen, is really respect to the level of eight star! respect clearly pink ghd don’t forget nine days, six months prior to the meet, Xiao-yan, but still has just reached five star level of respect, this time to meet once more, while he sensed the atmosphere has increased Hsiao-yen’s rise , but it is nonetheless not expecting, the ocean rising, has reached such a point of terror. wall, inflammation Union thousand strong to see really in Hsiao-yen and nine days to acquire the upper hand under the respect with the Ying Peng, in a burst of cheers When the eyes but also has a touch of color can not hide the shock that will Zhentui nine days as eight star statue statue, that means Now Hsiao-yen, the strength of at the least eight star to respect! Oh, Xiao Yan then leave, also imperial struggle just to reach this level it just a few years time, however it is leaps and bounds towards the point exactly where the line ah definitely is just not satisfied. Hyperion East, and other people looked at one another 1, Right after a moment, are a cry of helpless sigh, all these years, their alliance together with the inflammation of the immortality of accumulation, were just finally break by way of towards the level of fighting was believed that speed just isn’t slow, but Xiao Yan comparison, but it is merely comparability is not the slightest, but not a lot more than six months, you turned out to be no progress, ghd straighteners and nine days compared ghd deluxe with respect to color shock, Xiao Yan is slightly shook his head, the former strength, should be respected inside the upcoming peak reach eight point star. But compared to him now, still on the line or towards the weak and feel that he still has just five star statue when it was compared together with the former fierce war, and now, nine days that the so-called respect for him, already don’t have the slightest threat. [breaking the sky fighting to give it by no means look at their words] Boy, you too are proud of too early a number of!

Xiao Yan hear such words, nine statue suddenly seeking up ghd black some livid, in the hands of lightning bear an Indian choice, soon spread amongst their throat drink a low dull, and in addition to this outgoing Sheng Road, all over the world between the chill of the air, rapid as to form a channel large adequate to have Baizhang power bigger hands, and then roar Zhang Feng, Xiao Yan is overwhelming anger against the boom with the past. the face of such effort to attack nine days this respect, Xiao Yan feet marching empty, but it is like a stroll in general, a channel blur emerged out of quite a few that have power larger hands which are outsmarted the sky, even if some can not dodge bigger hands are by his backhand beat is life and life’s shattered away in countless road in between heaven and earth that gaze, Xiao-yan will void such marching, step by step method nine days of respect, that is flush with all the face to let the block, have in no way let the pace of the latter there was the slightest pause, and saw this scene, who’re aware of any, Hsiao-yen’s strength, far far better than the latter! Bang! Purple-brown flames leapt hand, is going to be a temporary body abruptly tremendous energy handprint shot to pieces, Hsiao-yen’s footsteps is lastly stopped, raised his head, seeking among the front not far from some faint pale complexion nine days statue, a faint smile, star of eight with respect, Hsiao-yen’s fighting, but it is beyond his son many grades, coupled with the ancient dragon phoenix worms ghd blue ancient imperial clothing and armor, nine statue attack, he is not hurt nothing This is not one degree of combat, from the beginning, is no suspense. Not just eight weeks, or eight weeks and made rapid progress in this sub-peak, I can have a non-enemy bombers broken life and life looked directly attack their very own safe Hsiao-yen, even nine days no matter how ugly searching statue, also had admitted to his existing strength, Xiao Yan is just not the opponent, the moment is the decisive one bite, feet a step empty, stature is suddenly Baotui. Now come, why longer follow To see the nine days Zun Yu Tao, Xiao Yan is smile, stature slowly disappear, reappear, is commonly appear like ghosts behind the statue in nine days, shot inside the suitable palm gently vanity best, black aperture ring, but also using a hint with the destruction of breath, rapid diffuse and open feeling behind it as lightning filled the atmosphere from the destruction, nine days between respect pale complexion is suddenly down to Currently, Hsiao-yen’s strength, then superior luck to display their large day as well as other days of this order charge of fighting abilities, for him, is the real death of the sickle! The atmosphere within the heart was shrouded in death, the respect that nine days suddenly down, seeking at the ground below, sharp voice shouted.Statue suddenly heard nine days of screaming voice. Xiao Yan is slightly Yi Zheng, immediately glanced ghd purple indulgence in the bottom corner of my eye is red with blood the ground. To see such a pattern, which the soul with the home you will find more who genuinely has not been hidden in the side shot. Regardless of didn’t support, initial say kill this guy! Xiao Yan eyes blinking quickly. Soon after the twinkling of an eye, however it is fierce Mountain flashing, then suddenly the palm side of a push forward. The diffusion rate of the dark aperture, is suddenly soaring.

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